Monthly Archives: October 2012

Good Morning all

Today I intended to look up the android app and found that its non existant. I have a droid phone and use it way more than I should so I naturally wanted to extend my learning capabilities to a smart phone. Oh Darn was about all I could think of. I had to step back and just use this wonderful program from the normal web site, at least to enter a Blog entry. I have managed to start the program and hear conversations on some regular frequencies. Though I probably could call out to some one and talk, I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to send a Q card incase the other person may want one. I believe I have sucessfully created one with the template provided. The info is in there and visible and I could bring it into view twice so I know I sucessfully saved it. Another thing I thought I might want to learn first is how to receive a Q card. Last I believe I need to learn how to “talk” correctly with using my handle and whatever else is needed. I did listen to some people perform some short conversations and exchange Q cards. It seemed that was their only intention though. “Hi, here’s my card, ok, got yours, see ya.” Is that the real reason people use this? I hope not. People in different places of the world can be very interesting if you give them a chance and enguage in some morally correct discussion. That would be my reason for learning Ham Radio’s. Who knows, I would love to say Hello to the astronauts on the space station some day. What the heck, its a goal. So for me, learning how to send and receive Q cards and learn appropriate lingo is my next learning topic. I believe this will be followed by learning Morse code again. I used to know it almost 30 years ago in the service, hope it comes back quickly. Back soon, see ya!

Off and Running

Today I start blogging. Hope to find some people who are interested in hamming and also have an interest in space flight, NASA, or even flight sim. Nothing wrong with having some common topics while meeting some new and interesting people. I am still a newbie when it comes to hamming but I am an amature aeronautics or astornautics person. I cant afford an airplane and I cant afford a space ship so this is as close as I can get to the real thing. For me, I am interested in becoming a ham radio hobbiest looking to know what I am doing when it comes time to set up the equipment I hope to purchase someday. This website and group is huge for people like me as a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what a handle was. I will chat about anything as long as its not immoral. I thank everybody in advance for helping me learn tid bits here and there. I hope everybody has a great day in the technology world.