Good Morning all

Today I intended to look up the android app and found that its non existant. I have a droid phone and use it way more than I should so I naturally wanted to extend my learning capabilities to a smart phone. Oh Darn was about all I could think of. I had to step back and just use this wonderful program from the normal web site, at least to enter a Blog entry. I have managed to start the program and hear conversations on some regular frequencies. Though I probably could call out to some one and talk, I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to send a Q card incase the other person may want one. I believe I have sucessfully created one with the template provided. The info is in there and visible and I could bring it into view twice so I know I sucessfully saved it. Another thing I thought I might want to learn first is how to receive a Q card. Last I believe I need to learn how to “talk” correctly with using my handle and whatever else is needed. I did listen to some people perform some short conversations and exchange Q cards. It seemed that was their only intention though. “Hi, here’s my card, ok, got yours, see ya.” Is that the real reason people use this? I hope not. People in different places of the world can be very interesting if you give them a chance and enguage in some morally correct discussion. That would be my reason for learning Ham Radio’s. Who knows, I would love to say Hello to the astronauts on the space station some day. What the heck, its a goal. So for me, learning how to send and receive Q cards and learn appropriate lingo is my next learning topic. I believe this will be followed by learning Morse code again. I used to know it almost 30 years ago in the service, hope it comes back quickly. Back soon, see ya!

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